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2016 Cirrus SR22T N877AC

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2016 Cirrus SR22T 315 HP, Turbo Charged, Fuel Injected, 212 KTAS, 17.0 GPH At FL250

The SR22T is the ideal cross country airplane. N877AC is a perfect step up for pilots that want more performance and increased carrying capabilities. All this paired with technologically advanced Perspective Avionics and the safety from the CAPS system.

  • Garmin Perspective Avionics
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision System
  • Flight Into Know Icing (FIKI) equipped
  • 200 Pounds Increased Useful Load
  • XM NexRad Weather
  • Onboard Metars/TAFS/Winds Aloft
  • Traffic Awareness & Warning System
  • Electronic Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Terrain Awareness and Warning System
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision System
  • SiriusXM Radio
  • 5 Seats
  • Iridium Telephone
  • WX500 Stormscope
  • Dual GPS Systems
  • Dual AHRS
  • Fully Integrated Garmin Autopilot
  • Airframe Parachute
  • Electronic Charts
  • Headsets can be rented for a fee. Bose $10 per day, and David Clark $5 per day.
Empty Weight: 2513
CG: 140.1
Empty Moment: 352071.3
Basic Requirements/Minimums for Rental:
  • Checkout with Scottsdale Executive
    • Must be checked out in SR22 every 12 months. Whether it’s a BFR, or an IPC, or just a CFI check out
    • All pilots must have something in their logbooks that shows this checkout within preceding 12 months of any flight
  • Private Pilots License or Higher
  • Minimum of 250 Total Logged Flying Hours
  • Minimum of 25 Hours in Make and Model
  • Completed Cirrus VFR & IFR Transition Course
  • Perspective Difference Course