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Redbird G1000 Sim

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Engineered to enable IFR, VFR, aircraft systems, procedural and emergency training with the best price/performance. The VX can host all of the aircraft we simulate with two touchscreens dedicated to aircraft specific instrumentation. The 100 degree wide VX’s visual system is the widest available in its class as well as being fast, smooth and detailed.

Practice normal emergency, and instrument procedures, instrument currency, and mission rehearsal, while flying a standard six pack system, G1000 or Cirrus Perspective avionics.

  • Great for Cirrus or Cessna cockpit familiarization and review.
  • FAA Approved
  • 100 degrees of compelling visuals
  • 125 Aircraft specific cockpits
Basic Requirements/Minimums for Rental:
  • Checkout with Scottsdale Executive
    • Must be checked out in SR22 every 12 months. Whether it’s a BFR, or an IPC, or just a CFI check out
    • All pilots must have something in their logbooks that shows this checkout within preceding 12 months of any flight
  • Private Pilots License or Higher with Instrument Rating
  • Minimum of 250 Total Logged Flying Hours
  • Minimum of 25 Hours in Make and Model
  • Completed Cirrus VFR & IFR Transition Course
  • Perspective Difference Course